About Parred Design

Parred Design is the working title I’ve given to myself, my name is Samuel Parr and welcome to my journal of work. I created this blog to document my progress, put my work out there and try to create connections with other creatives.

I am based in Lincoln and currently study¬†on a masters course; International Design Enterprise (MAIDE). My biggest passion is undoubtedly tattoos and I try to incorporate aspects of the subject into my work wherever I can. This passion has definitely been shaped by the people I’ve met and surrounded myself with as I was growing up and if I could place myself somewhere within the tattoo industry after University it would be a dream come true!

I do not think I have a specific practice to focus on right now as I enjoy many aspects of design, my work includes (but is not limited to) interactive experiences, conceptual product design, 3D design and crafting by hand. I am also fond of video editing as it was a hobby of mine when I was younger and I am confident in my ability to do it.

If you have any questions regarding¬†my work, collaboration or even just to have a good old chinwag please feel free to contact me. I also really appreciate constructive criticism on my work so don’t hesitate to say something if you would like to comment on anything!