Millhouse Toy and Game Manufacturers

Last week we started a sort of ‘work placement’ in which we visited Millhouse in Woodhall Spa, the company designs and manufacturers educational toys for children. The factory produces waste wood quite often from the off-cuts of their toys, so we wanted to utilise this and make use of them. Each of those off-cuts is money wasted, money thrown away. We knew we could come up with a way to use this waste, after visiting China it became really evident how much of a ‘throw away’ economy we have in the UK. In China we were seeing repairs everywhere, old pieces of metal or wood being used to cover up holes or fix panels. Even the food made use of every last body part an animal could have!


At this point we were looking for varying tones and wood patterns, we also wanted to find good pieces of coloured wood like red, blue or green. We had this idea of making a piece of furniture that could possibly be sold as an extra when someone makes a large purchase from a nursery for example. We thought it could be something of a desk that sits in the room where the toys are and they would match if we use various bits of colour etc. So we set about coming up with designs for these tables, we wanted to keep them simple as to keep the cost of production down. We were imagining ourselves as a business doing this.

These were the first designs, however the size of the table wasn’t really working for us, it was a bit small. So we instead, went to find some metal to be used for the desk frame. We actually bought this however the cost wasn’t very much.

Then, we had a fresh perspective on what we could do, we decided to have all the panels cut to the same length whilst varying width, before laying them out next to each other.


Next we set to getting the metal ready to be welded, all we had to do was get it cut and ensure the ends were appropriately filed down for safety. IMG_20170711_140423

After the frames were welded and fixed together how we wanted them, we began gluing the wood down onto a back board, this was so it was easier to fit together in the end.


This is as far as we have gotten, I shall be updating this on Tuesday when we progress more and do more on the business side of things!


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