So I’ve been juggling other bits and bobs in my life and I’ve not managed to get into the maker lab to do some ‘moonshine’ time, but on Thursday I got in and started playing with ceramics.

My coursemate Steve Nash (who does some fantastic fashion work you should check out if that’s your cup of tea) was exploring how to transfer his designs accurately onto ceramics using the laser printer to engrave onto wet clay. The results were perfect and the process was relatively easy to grasp, it was more about the settings and ensuring the piece of clay you placed in the printer was big enough for what you were transferring. (the technician in there was a godsend!)

I edited one of my designs a bit cropping it to just the circular design featured on it, I chose this bit because I wanted to create a ceramic plate, influenced by traditional Russian ceramics.

mandala design for ceramic plate.jpg

I think the bit that was the hardest work was editing my design down to just black and white without losing detail, I had to think about which bits would be black specifically to engrave.

So underneath I’ll post some images of the process and how it turned out, to develop this further I will be experimenting with glaze and gold leaf/luster once it has been biscuit-fired to enhance it moreso.





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  1. Michael says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! It turned out to be carved! nice! I like!


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