Creative Networking in Nottingham.

A networking meeting was called for the MA students being taught modules by Jim Shorthose in Nottingham, we went there to meet some self-employed creatives that regularly meet to keep their own creative network going. We went to see how they do it and see how their creative minds tick.

So we started off at a cafe/bar/cinema called Broadway in Nottingham, here we met and went into one of Broadway’s meeting/function rooms that they hire out. From there we had conversation about what each of us do and the sorts of things we were doing at that moment. I really liked the environment of Broadway, I can see why that creative network chooses to work out of their more often than not as it’s got a decent space, it offers private space, serves coffee and alcohol.


A lovely lady we met called Dee Miller who runs a coworking centre, showed us around an area of Nottingham which is in development as more self-employed craft businesses begin to populate it. Now her business is great, she has created a space in which creatives and indeed anyone can come together to work, she provides basic amenities and even tea/coffee to those that come. There are membership fees and tiers which allow you to do more there such as hold meetings and events beyond usual opening hours. I think it’s a great idea, it means a controlled space that anyone creative/not creative can meet someone else that might be creative or not but they might come together to help each other out. Dedicated coworking spaces like this is are a great idea, they just need to be more out there, more people need to know so check out Minor Oak and get yourself down there if you’re in the area.


So after walking around Nottingham and meeting creatives, we went on to several pubs dotted around. These weren’t particularly places to meet creatives until we got back into the main part of the city, here Jim introduced us to some of his other friends and colleagues. It was a really good day and it was really good to get advice from them, they provided some good pointers and tips not to necessarily be more successful, but to take more chances and do what is fulfilling to you, not whats going to make your millions as most of them ran their own thing whilst working part-time etc.

To find out more about the creative network these guys make up, visit Jim’s website and get in contact, they’ll be more than happy to meet you and talk creatively with you.



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