Printmaking Again!

So I really wanted to have another go at printmaking already and after looking at the work of Alexander McQueen I had plenty of ideas bouncing around my head that I had to get out.


I used similar imagery from my first design, for this one because I was happy with the quality of them and how they turned out. I did have to find a lot more butterfly images to create vectors from for the part of my design based on McQueen’s work. In this piece I feel like I put more effort into making it seamless as if it could be used as some form of wallpaper design.


I am very happy with how my design turned out, in the future I would like to spend more time experimenting with the colours used in the printing process and for my next print I think I will put more emphasis on the language of the subjects and their relation to Russian Prison tattoos.


I will also update this post shortly with the rest of my prints as I did try to print on a variety of patterned and coloured card to play with colours schemes and some of them turned out much nicer than expected. Personally I think the prints on gold paper have turned out the best, the colours I have chosen so far to work with have complimented the gold. Plus I get a sense of luxury from the colour gold so I think on some level that may have an effect on my preference as well.


UPDATE: More photos of my work! I experimented with different backings for my prints as well, this way I could explore the notion of a wallpaper more.



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