Interior Surfaces – Field Trip

Yesterday we travelled to the lovely city of Sheffield, I love the city and its architecture especially in the main city centre. Even the office buildings are decent to gaze at as the train comes in! But back on topic, we went to see the main man there and he showed us around the factory where they make so many things it was incredible. We got to see some of the work they’re doing for an aeroplane with corian and there was an amazing variety of colours/patterns they can make corian in. You can check them out here:


The main thing I was there for was to ask some questions about corian, such as how thin it could be cut, whether or not you can sublimate through it and if so, how far? We learnt that images can only be sublimated about 9 microns deep and considering your hairs are 80 microns, the idea we had been discussing in class didn’t seem viable. However, we looked to solve the problem around this and with a mixture of lasering out my designs before filling with a different colour of corian, we think it might be possible to do. I will be working on designs and ideas in the next couple of weeks which will be uploaded to this blog so stay tuned!


This link will take you to a video I took of something in the sample room which I thought was lovely because with corian, you can cut it to about 2mm thick where it has very similar properties to glass and you can shine a light through it. The piece I videoed had around a thousand LEDs mounted behind the corian changing colour, I’ve seem installations like this before but never got the chance to see how it’s done.



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