Investigating ceramics lead me across some of Piero Fornasetti’s work which is fascinating, his graphic design work involving Lina Cavalieri who was a very talented  operatic soprano, actress, and monologist.

Piero Fornasetti was a painter and interior designer in Milan. He’s best known for his whimsical approach to design and graphics, Fornasetti decorated thousands of items with motifs ranging from the beauty of nature to Trompe L’Oeil. His most famous production line was “theme and variations’, a series of articles based on an image found in a 19th century french magazine. The image was of Lina Cavalieri, looking as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa. Over 350 variations of the design were produced.

I love the way his designs are almost a cross between pop-art work by Roy Lichtenstein (which is some of my favourite artwork by the way) and realism, along with the large amount of variations he produced. There really is so much variation in his designs, some are really whimsical with features such as the eyes being inverted or having an eye-patch added.


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