Some of my blog posts are going to be filled with research and my thoughts towards the subject of my research, this way I will be making my blog a journal of my experiences and journey through my MA degree course/onwards! Please feel free to make a comment on my thoughts or research, I’m always open to exploring new directions and areas of design!

So this post is dedicated to ‘Industreal‘, a design company based around making products that are meaningful and relevant as they believe that is the key to design.

Relevance and Meaning

An idea unfolds in our mind; we grasp possibilities, assemble them together into thought and present the thought in the form of our idea.

Thought processes are different for each of us and there is no limit to ideas. An idea is pioneering or an innovation when it is perceived as something relevant and meaningful.

When this happens, ideas become permanent and develop into cultural sign-posts that indicate important moments in human development and give us historical references, stability, a sense of belonging or a starting point for other ideas.

Any idea, not relevant or meaningful, will be lost in time.

Relevance and Meaning also suggest completeness, completeness suggests simplicity. We aim for this sense of completeness.

Today, in our fragmented, non-idealistic society, connected by instant and continuous communication, relevance and meaning are difficult to recognize, even though they are incessantly present in everything around us.

Industreal is relevant and meaningful; continuous but not instant; we are the stable starting point for our next ideas.

I really like their mantra, if you are to design without purpose and without meaning then what have you designed? A design without reason can yes indeed, be a design, but what is its relevance in todays world? I’m not saying every design has to create a solution and have meaning, but those that do either are significantly more appreciated for their connection to the human world.

The first piece I have picked out from Industreal is a piece by Guillaume Delvigne, Lampe 72dpi. I really liked this piece because I thought it was a wonderful play on DPI and resolutions. The way I perceived the piece was that lighting doesn’t have resolution, it is always as it is, you can’t make a light brighten up your living room in 72 DPI. So this lighting fixture is a beautiful play on that by having the fixture itself presented in 72 DPI.


The next piece I have chosen is again by Guillaume, in collaboration with Ionna Vautrin. The piece is called Panier Perce and minus the extras that come with this porcelain bowl, you might not see it for what it is at first. Included with it is a set of coloured thread, needles, needle threader and instructions for decoration. This bowl is perforated all the way round to create space for embroidery and I thought this was a fantastic idea. Allowing the owner to place their own designs onto a bowl that can be removed and applied differently as many times as you might want to. This makes the piece timeless, its simple canvas grid allows for flawless embroidery designs.


The last piece I will be showcasing from Industreal is the Fingerbowl by Judith Seng, a really delicate looking bowl. This bowl is formed with ridges and grooves as if someone had just pressed their fingerprint into some clay and enlarged it. The fingerprint is so individual to every person, no two are the same and this makes them our own. The meaning behind this piece is that to give someone your fingerprint (the fingerbowl) is a matter of trust and sympathy. Transformed into a gift, it is mirroring a political issue in an aesthetical gesture. I think it is a really nice gesture, if it were my own I would contemplate making custom bowls where the buyer could supply their fingerprint and make it really personal. It’s almost like a stamp, a stamp of their being in that moment and to give someone a gift like this could be really treasured for its beauty. All meaning aside, the bowl has a lovely look and I imagine it would be even nicer to run your hands over the trenches running all over it.


My work will be geared towards tattoos and the idea of a design having a ‘meaning’ is directly related to them. The work on Industreal is fantastic and I definitely recommend you check them out, I’m going to continue to pick apart these works as well as similar ones in order to form a basis for how my interests can be incorporated into a world of entrepreneurial design.


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