G.H. Leathers – Field trip

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Northamptonshire to visit GH Leathers which is one of the UK’s largest resources for leather skins, since 1998 stocking and supplying a range of product suited to the garment, accessory, home furnishing, upholstery and light footwear industries; a range that covers lamb skin, cow hide, goat suede, pig suede, sheepskins, veg tanned leathers, and heavy weight finished splits.

The company is a distributor of these materials and they deal with the by-products of the meat industry, we went there to view their stock. There was a large amount of material selling for a special offer price and we were there to see what exactly was on offer.

The range of materials was incredible, there were not only lambskins but also cow hides, pig suede, goat suede, calf, wool on sheepskin, vegetable tanned hides and heavy leather splits. All with varying thickness, colours and fur types. The leathers that appealed to me were the patterned ones, the ones that had print on them were much more attractive to me as I don’t have an interest in working with garments but rather I was looking for what could possibly ‘add’ to my future projects.

Rather unexpectedly, I came away with a piece of leather that I really liked, the colour of it was a lovely cream tone and it had a floral pattern printed of it which was shiny and that contrast between the two worked really well. I intend to use the piece I bought as a sort of wrapping paper for a present that I am working on.

Below are some images of the GH Leathers warehouse and also some of my favourite picks.






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