To progress my attempts I then began to focus on shaping metal as I would like to create a complete product from metal. I experimented with crafting metal into shapes and learning the basics of shaping metal. I played with copper as it is quite malleable when it has been annealed, which is the process of heating metal up and then cooling it to change the micro-structure. This makes the metal workable when it is cold and allows you to work the physical shape of it.

Using hammers and various shaped anvils I created this piece, it didn’t intentionally have any purpose from the start because I just wanted to experiment with how I could shape it. I decided halfway through that I wanted to try and make something symmetrical, this way I was getting practice for replicating bends. I also used the metal grinder for this piece, by grinding pieces off that weren’t needed I managed to do it quicker than using a hand saw.


This is after I had finished shaping my piece, I was happy with the shape of it and it actually fit quite nicely over some pipes, it didn’t originally have a purpose but I think it could be used to create space for hanging things on. The next stage was to give it a good finish as annealing it had made it very rough, using a file I began to remove the exterior bumps and reveal the shiny copper inside. Then I just had to go over the whole piece with some wire wool, this further smoothed it and gave it a very nice soft finish.

After this experimentation I’ve grown fond of crafting, especially metal. There’s something very raw about the whole process, as well as being quite stress-relieving. Feeling over the imperfections on it as I was shaping it and finishing it was also a great experience, to design with a mix of two senses was very new to me but it made it much easier to find the bits that needed work and it was definitely more satisfying. To be able to physically hold a ‘hand-finished’ product of my own was also a really good feeling, I could literally feel my pride at the end of it.


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