As part of my masters course, we are encouraged to engage in ‘moonshine’ time, inspired by Luna Design NYC in which we work on our own projects and experiment outside of the course. As I am heavily inspired by it at the moment, I am going to try and replicate my own ‘khem sak’ which is a tattooing instrument used by monks in temples to make Sak Yant tattoos.

The first attempt I made was a really basic version, it had a wooden handle I fished out of a leftovers box and a short steel rod. I proceeded to then use a tap and die in order to connect the two pieces, firstly drilling a hole into the wooden handle before using the tap to cut the treads for the rod, then used the die to turn the end of the rod into a screw.

The result was a very much just a sharp weapon that resembled what I was trying to make as I was under a time constraint, but it was fantastic to craft physical things with my hands and feel the object I was producing rather than feeling a mouse and keyboard to create something.


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