This project was about recognising intolerance and designing a solution to combat it. I chose to design for an intolerance of tattoos, in a world that is beginning to embrace tattoos there is still a stigma around the subject. I believe this has wedged a gap between contemporary society and the deep cultural roots that tattoos possess.

A large part of the stigma resonates around the notion of a ‘clean’ appearance, meaning no visible tattoos when you’re wearing a suit for example. It is mainly aimed at the hands and face, both of which have been used in the past by members of gangs and criminals alike as indicators of status and group identification. So it is only natural that people would make the assumption that tattoos could be an indicator of criminal propensity.


My project aimed to educate people on some of the tattoos history through augmented reality, I chose subjects such as Maori, Russian Prisons, Sak Yant (tibetan buddhist tattoos) and what would be considered to be ‘socially acceptable’ tattoos. For each of these were information pop ups through an app called Aurasma which allows you to create augmented reality experiences that can be downloaded and shared by anyone.


The user would place their hand against a black surface before using the app and then depending on which they chose to learn about, different designs would manifest on their hands as if they had it done. The idea is more about having a bit of fun with it, most people wouldn’t get these designs tattooed but with this app they were able to see what they would be like on them and learn a bit more about the origins of that design and how it fits in with it’s cultural history.

For a more in-depth look at this project, please feel free to view the full project PDF I handed in for assessment.

You can also check out an extended documentation video of what this can do, here.


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