Woodland Trust

The outcome for this project can be viewed here and for a more in-depth look, please feel free to view the full project PDF I handed in for assessment.

The Brief:

How do you interact and engage with something you can not touch? How do you create awareness of something that is difficult to physically go and see? The Woodland Trust want you to investigate, ideate and develop a creative interactive response focusing on one of their key areas.

The final idea should embody the Woodland Trust ethos and spirit, and not specifically their corporate style. Create an engaging response that will improve awareness of the trust and increase potential sponsors or donations. Consider how to monitor the success of the project and what effect your idea will have on its surroundings and how it can add value for the trust.

I am proud of my response to this project, I researched several outlets for a media campaign and the one that I felt would be most successful was a Snapchat campaign. You can purchase ad campaigns that will reach a possible 16 millions users. After researching previous Snapchat ad campaigns such as one by WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature) in which they utilised Snapchats main feature of an image disappearing forever after an amount of time, to connect with what their organisation is about, saving animals from going extinct. Their campaign managed to raise a months worth of donations, in just 3 days after this campaign.

So with that in mind, I thought it would be a fantastic way to raise awareness of the Woodland Trust and to also try and increase the amount of donations they receive. By using Snapchat, they would reach a much larger demographic of younger people and raise much more awareness for the organisation.

So my project was aimed at a younger demographic, it aimed to create awareness of the connection between humans and nature by giving the users face, tree-like features.


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